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[Infographic] How To Build Your Startup

21-03-2017 03:19:40



Do the business, ideas don’t sell. That was what General Manager of EV Hive, Agung Bezharie, said. 

It is important to have bright ideas. However, it is true that we have to put them into actions. 

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The infographic is here to swap the business of your dreams into reality.

  1. Spot the problems. What is happening in the society? What are the hardships that must be overcome?
  2. Who experiences them? Through research, make sure how many people need a solution for the problem you spotted. 
  3. Make solution through goods and service. What kind of solution do they need? Help the society by answering their worries. Start to think differently for different results.
  4. Bring Ideas to Life. Make enough features with your Minimum Viable Product in hand, your ideas will start to expand to movement.
  5. Do the business. Start selling your product. This step will validate your business to the higher level, pitching.
  6. Pitch your business. Look for funding while preparing for your final product. Learn how to make lasting impression.
  7. Finalize. Grow strong and keep innovating.


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