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Social Entrepreneurs: What Can We Do For The Society?

10-03-2017 10:19:19

In the society, social entrepreneurs always try to benefit on what they could do differently in the society rather than just accepting what is already in the store. This will lead to powerful ideas that could decrease the unemployment level through creating job vacancies in various sectors. As one of the fastest growing area of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship gives contribution in national economy by providing jobs and income. The coexistence of better economic growth and standard of living will benefit the nation through the education given in social entrepreneurship. Therefore, it creates a dynamic economic environment resulting in improved production of goods, services, and taxes that could eventually raise the Gross Domestic Product of Indonesia itself.



The nature of social entrepreneurs: risk takers. They are not afraid of changes as they always try to take creative approach by thinking differently. As social entrepreneurship is currently growing within education, cultural, and environmental sectors among many industries, their impact will significantly change the quality of life of the society.


Social entrepreneurs will keep seeking innovative ideas to offer new and better solutions that will help to raise the quality of the people of Indonesia. For example, there are social enterprises, such as bersihkan.id that is focused on waste management, and Mukarlipo whose goal is to provide welfare to local farmers.



Social enterprises also often choose coworking spaces to expand their positive contribution to the world. Through coworking space, they can meet new people from different sectors that will lead to innovative ideas. For instance, ImpactHub connects people so they could bring significant difference to the world. As here in Indonesia, we additionally organize workshops and classes to give the members of EV Hive a bigger chance to share their experiences and inspire each other to build a better community.



EV Hive will be arranging an event with Platform Usaha Sosial (PLUS) regarding Social Entrepreneurship on March 23th.